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The Department of Social Sciences, Beirut campus, has a research institute called the Institute for Migration Studies (IMS). IMS is a leading research institute in Lebanon and the Arab region which is concerned with conducting solid research projects on various issues related to migration, transnationalism and diasporic Lebanese and Arab communities abroad. Apart from its independent research activities, the institute collaborates with researchers both in the Arab region and abroad, and hosts international conferences and speakers on migration issues on a regular basis. IMS has a team of academics and research assistants who work under the supervision of its director.

For the research of the social sciences faculty in Beirut, please check out their individual bios.

Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department (Byblos campus) is engaged in research in a range of topics. The following are some ongoing projects. Dr. Malik is engaged in organizing and editing the extensive diary of the late Charles Malik. Dr. Moubarak is working with a team to compile and edit writings of the late Iliya Harik. Dr. Bacha and Dr. Khachan are collaborating on a project investigating university students’ writing, and Dr. Ghosn investigates Arabic-speaking children’s English reading and writing skills and the influence of children’s literature on their second language development.

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