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Minor in Political Science/International Affairs

The Minor in Political Science/International Affairs supports LAU’s core mission, vision and values by a commitment to education with a strong liberal arts foundation and a continuous improvement in the overall quality of teaching, research, writing and educational service. The intent of the program is thus to advance an academic understanding of contemporary political science/international affairs and address its complexities.

What Will I Learn?

With a Minor in Political Science/International Affairs you will:


For a Minor in Political Science/International Affairs you must choose 18 credits of the following courses:

Minor core requirements (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
POL201 Introduction to Political Science 3
POL222 Comparative Political System 3
POL240 Concepts of World Politics 3

Minor elective requirements (9 credits):

Number Course Cr
POL203 Government and Politics of Lebanon 3
POL210 Introduction to Political Thought 3
POL252 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution 3
POL312 Politics of the Developing Areas 3
POL321 American Governments and Politics 3
POL322 Foreign Policy of the Major Powers 3
POL323 Middle East Governments and Politics 3
POL331 International Organization 3
POL332 Public International Law 3
POL335 Politics of Multiculturalism 3
POL346 International Political Economy 3
POL357 Globalization and Political Change 3
POL426 Politics of the European Union 3
POL432 Diplomatic and Consular Service 3
POL437 Topics in Political Science/International Affairs 3
POL422 The Middle East in World Affairs 3


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