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Minor in Gender Studies

Promoting gender studies through the Minor in Gender Studies will raise awareness on the importance of gender in understanding issues related to social change, social justice, human rights, gender inequalities, etc.

Through the interdisciplinary courses offered, you will be armed with the knowledge, tools, and practical experience to incorporate gender into various fields such as conflict resolution, diplomacy, human rights, education, politics, and others. This minor will build a base of knowledge on and interest in gender issues and will feed directly into our MA in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies.

The variety of courses offered might fall within the interest of students majoring in political science, international affairs, social work, migration studies, communication arts, journalism, literature, and business to mention a few.

For a Minor in Gender Studies, you must complete 18 credits.

Core Minor Requirements (9 Credits)

SOC215 Introduction to Gender Studies
WOS313 Women in the Arab World: Sociological Perspectives
WOS311 Issues & Debates in Feminist Theory

Minor Electives: Choose any three courses (9 credits)

WOS412 Representations of Women in the Arts & the Media
WOS312 Women and Economic Power
POL201 Introduction to Political Science
POL231 Introduction to Human Rights
POL252 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution
POL357 Globalization and Political Change
PJE201 Cross-Cultural Communication and Conflict.
SWO201 Introduction to Social Work/Social Welfare
SWO311 Social Problems, Stratification & Marginalization
SWO313 Family and Child Welfare
SWO411 Sustainable Community Development: Theories & Practice
SWO210 Introduction to Community Development
SOC321 Sociology in the Arab World
ENG283 Language and Gender 
ENG376 Gender in Literature
COM224 Social Media
COM312  Communication and Gender


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