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MA in Migration Studies

LAU’s MA in Migration Studies offers you an interdisciplinary graduate degree in migration studies with a focus on, and a presence in, the Middle East.

Migration and refugee issues have become high priorities on the global agenda. Migration studies includes topics such as emigration, immigration, transit migration, labor migration, return migration, replacement migration, regular and undocumented migration, family reunion, transnational and diaspora relations, among others.

Your career path

Upon graduation, you can seek a career with government agencies dealing with migrants and refugees, integration, labor and employment, etc.; international organizations such as the International Organization for Migration, International Labor office, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Children’s Fund, United Nations Fund for Population, United Nations Development Fund for Women, among others.

Graduate assistantship

The deadline for applying/re-applying for a graduate assistantship (GA) for spring 2021 in the Migration Studies program is January 14, 2021. Click here to submit your GA application. 

Students who received a GA in fall 2020 should apply as well.


Students need 30 credits for the major (12 for the core and 18 for other requirements).

Core requirements

Number Course Cr
MIG710 Theories of Migration 3
MIG720/INA852 Research Methods/Research Methodology equiv. INA813H 3
MIG799 Thesis 6

Other requirements

Students have to choose six (6) courses (18 credits) out of the following:

Number Course Cr
MIG715/WGST815 Gender and Migration 3
MIG725/INA855 Politics and Migration equiv. to INA813G 3
MIG740/INA842 Topics in International Law 3
MIG745/CLT880 Migration, Exile and Literature 3
MIG750/INA820 Globalization equiv. to INA813K 3
MIG760 Citizenship, Transnationalism and Diaspora 3
MIG765 Migration and Development 3
MIG770 Cities and Migration 3
MIG780 Topics in Migration Studies 3
MIG785 Practicum: Internship or Research  


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