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MA in International Affairs

What you will learn

The MA in International Affairs will prepare you to become effective professionals and leaders in national and international institutions, while upholding the highest intellectual and ethical standards; dedication to public service and international cooperation; and understanding among people. 

In this major, you will gain critical understanding in the theoretical, practical, legal and ethical dimensions of international relations; demonstrate command of analytical and experiential approaches to learning; develop dispositions for continuous professional development as life-long learners; and adapt to different academic and professional milieus.

Graduate Program Scholarships Fall 2021

Submit your application here for the Graduate Program Scholarships in the MA in International Affairs for fall 2021. Application deadline is May 31, 2021.

Who can apply?

Applicants to the program must hold a bachelor degree in Political Science and/or International Affairs or a related field. Non-major applicants may be admitted with remedial requirements. 

Your career path

An MA in International Affairs prepares you for a variety of professions including diplomacy, work in international organizations, journalism, research, and politics. In addition, many graduates also pursue Doctoral degrees in Lebanon, Europe and North America.


In order to qualify for a MA in International Affairs, you must complete 30 credits from the following courses: 

Core requirements (12 Credits)

Number Course Cr
INA811 Theories of International Affairs 3
INA 852 Research Methodology 3
INA899 Thesis 6

Other requirements: Issue Studies (18 Credits)

Note: to graduate with a Middle East area studies emphasis, you have to take at least three courses in that area.

International Relations Topics

Number Course Cr
INA812              Foreign Policy Analysis                                                         3           
INA813 Topics in International Relations* 3
INA815 Topics in International Organizations* 3
INA820 Globalization 3
INA 825 Comparative Politics 3
INA831 International Political Economy 3
INA 840 Topics in Area Studies* 3
INA842 Topics in International Law* 3
INA 850 Political Theory 3
INA851 International Conflict and Conflict Resolution 3
INA 855 Politics and Migration 3
INA 885 Internship 3

 Middle East Area Studies

Number Course Cr
INA814 Topics in Middle East Politics* 3
INA826 Comparative Politics of the Middle East 3
INA830 International Relations of the Middle East 3

*Courses listed as ‘Topics’ enable the program to create timely courses (e.g., Comparative Revolutions) or courses to be taught by renown specialists in the field. The specific focus of topics courses will vary from one semester to another.

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