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Makram Ouaiss

Dr. Makram Ouaiss is an assistant professor of political science and was appointed dean of students, at the Byblos Campus in August 2017, catering to a growing student body of over 4,000 students.

In this capacity, Dr. Ouaiss plans and oversees activities related to campus life, ensuring successful student advising, orientation, career services, commencements, fairs, student elections, athletic activities and student services. He also serves as liaison between LAU’s administration and student organizations.

As assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences, he pursues research in conflict resolution, democratic development, electoral reform and international relations.

Dr. Ouaiss previously served as chair of that department (2011–2013), where he helped launch a minor in conflict resolution and paved the way for a master’s in conflict analysis and resolution. In his academic capacity, Dr. Ouaiss has organized numerous conferences and workshops on topics such as electoral law reform in post-conflict countries, religion and politics and strengthening civil peace in divided societies.

Dr. Ouaiss has served as Chief Technical Specialist to the Minister of Interior and Municipalities as part of the Strengthening Electoral Program in Lebanon of the United Nations Development Programme between 2010 and 2011.

Prior to joining LAU, he held several executive positions at the National Democratic Institute, where he helped conduct parliamentary, political party, civic, elections and conflict resolution programs in over 35 countries. He also worked with Amnesty International and UNESCO.

As an active and engaged member of civil society, Dr. Ouaiss is member of several non-governmental organizations.

Selected publications

  1. “Civil society mobilization as a driving force in bridging the political divide and promoting reconciliation in postwar countries” article in Project on Middle East Political Science, POMEPS, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Issue 37, 2020
  2. “Ex-Combatants Working for Peace and the Lebanese Civil Society: A case study in Non-Communal Reintegration” published in Civil Wars (Co-authored with Dr. Marwan Rowayheb in 2017)
  3. “The Committee of the Parents of the Missing and Disappeared: 30 Years of Struggle and Protest,” published in the Middle Eastern Studies journal (Co-authored with Dr. Marwan Rowayheb in 2013).

Academic degrees

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