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Dietetic Internship Program

BS in Nutrition graduates are eligible to pass the National Dietetic Colloquium Examination at the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education (MEHE) and get licensure for dietetic practice only after completing an internship at the dietetic department of a Lebanese hospital that is approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

The Dietetic Internship Program (DIP) at LAU is open to holders of a BS in Nutrition who wish to obtain the license to practice the profession of dietetics in Lebanon. It consists of a supervised training for a period of 6 to 12 months at LAU affiliated healthcare institutions across Lebanon. Upon successful completion of the DIP, applicants are issued a certificate by the healthcare institution.

The School of Arts and Sciences at LAU ensures placement to all BS in Nutrition graduates who wish to pursue a dietetic internship.

Dietetic internship structure

Dietetic interns complete rotations in three different areas:

Interns are followed-up and evaluated by LAU dietetic preceptors in collaboration with hospital dietitians.

LAU also offers Dietetic Colloquium revision sessions and coordinates the Dietetic Colloquium examination of all interns at the MEHE.

Study Plan

Year Four (12 credits)

NUT500 Dietetic Internship (12 cr.) - fee is equivalent to 5 credits

Admission requirements

Students who wish to apply for a Dietetic Internship need to submit an application form and their official transcripts in their senior year. They are then selected and placed in different healthcare facilities based on their academic performance and an interview. Admission requirements include:

  1. Completion of all BS in Nutrition requirements.
  2. Completion of clinical clearance requirements.
  3. A grade average of at least a C+ in the following major courses as they reflect the students’ minimum necessary theoretical knowledge and skills required for the dietetic internship:

The above courses are open for a Repeat to secure the minimum required grades and overall GPA.

Applicants with a weighted GPA ranging between C and C+ along with excellent extracurricular activities during their didactic years will undergo further evaluation. Such applicants may be granted an internship opportunity on a case by case basis


The mission of the Dietetic Internship Program (DIP) fits within the mission of the BS in Nutrition at LAU:

The mission of the Nutrition Program is to prepare graduates for food and nutrition careers by providing them with the ability to integrate didactic and practical education in order to improve the health and well-being of individuals and groups while upholding tradition of the liberal arts education.

Learning outcomes

The Dietetic Internship Program supports the following Learning Outcomes of the BS in Nutrition:

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