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BS in Applied Physics

Program overview*

Physics is the foundation of all natural sciences, engineering and technology. Applied physics is a bridge between physics and other fields, such as medicine, engineering, astronomy, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. A BS in Applied Physics prepares you to turn innovative ideas into practical solutions with real-life applications.

LAU is unique in its student centeredness. Physics classes are designed to nurture active and experiential learning, while using the latest technology and lab equipment. The curriculum includes courses in classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, modern physics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and solid-state physics.

Research is at the core of LAU’s professional life. Through your senior-study projects, you will have the opportunity to participate in world class research conducted alongside faculty members. You will also have the chance to publish papers in refereed journals during your undergraduate research.

What is my career path?

With the discipline and training that goes with a physics degree, you will be able to follow various career paths:

*This program is pending the formalities of registration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


Students must complete 94 credits of the following requirements:

Physics Requirements (33 credits)

Course Number Course Name Cr.
PHY201 Electricity and Magnetism 4
PHY202 Classical Mechanics 3
PHY203 Classical Mechanics Lab 1
PHY304 Mathematical Methods for Physicists 3
PHY307 Thermodynamics 4
PHY308 Quantum Mechanics 3
PHY309 Thermodynamics and Quantum Lab 2
PHY321 Introduction to Modern Physics 3
PHY322 Modern Physics Lab 1
PHY402 Solid State Physics 3
PHY405 Statistical Mechanics 3
PHY499 Senior Study 3

Mathematics Requirements (12 credits) 

Course Number Course Name Cr.
MTH201 Calculus III 3
MTH206 Calculus IV 3
MTH303 Numerical Methods 3
MTH305 Probability and Statistics 3

Chemistry Requirements (3 credits) 

Course Name Course Number Cr.
CHM201 Chemical Principles 3

Computer Science Requirements 

Choose one of the following (3 credits): 

Course Name Course Number Cr.
CSC243 Intro. to Object-Oriented Programming 3
BIF244 Intro. to Script Programming 3

Elective Courses (minimum 18 credits with at least 9 PHY credits) 

The program offers three areas of concentration: pre-med physics, materials science and electronics. Students may also design customized concentration areas in close consultation with their advisors and with departmental approval.

Number Course Name Cr.
PHY311 Organic Materials I 3
PHY312 Organic Materials II 3
PHY391 Instrumentation and Measurements 3
PHY401 Instrumental Analysis 3
PHY403 Polymer Science 3
PHY404 Fluids Mechanics 3
PHY411 Electricity and Magnetism II 3
PHY413 Electromagnetic Waves 3
PHY424 Introduction to Nanotechnology 3
PHY450 Medical Imaging and Instrumentation 3
CHM421 Inorganic Chemistry I 3
CHM423 Synthesis and Identification of Inorganic Compounds 2
CHM425 Computational Chemistry 2
ELE201 Electrical Circuits I 3
ELE302 Electrical Circuits II 3
ELE303 Electrical Circuits II Lab 1
ELE401 Electronics I 3
ELE402 Electronics Lab 1
CSC245 Objects and Data Abstraction 3
MTH301 Linear Algebra 3
MTH306 Non-Linear Dynamics Chaos 3
BIO201 General Biology I 4
BIO202 General Biology II 4
BIO321 Genetics  3
BCH301 Introduction to Biochemistry 4

Computer Skills (1 credit)

Number Course Name Cr.
CSC201 Computer Application 1


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