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Nutrition Lab/Food Analysis Lab

The Lebanese American University has specialized nutrition labs on the Beirut Campus, which are home to state-of-the-art equipment to support practical teaching in nutrition, dietetics, human physiology and community services. Our laboratories aim to provide a hands-on experience and give students the opportunity to learn and improve their competency-based skills in nutrition assessment and diagnostic techniques.

Nutrition Lab

This lab features an Indirect Calorimeter, different Body Composition Analyzers, a Blood Analyzer, anthropometric measurements tools (scale, hand dynamometer, tapes, height scale, etc…), nutrient analysis computer software, various models of food that can be used for education in food portion size/control, and health promotion props (such as diabetic feed to visualize the effects of diabetes, and fat and muscle models).

Food Analysis Lab

The food analysis laboratory aims to provide a hands-on, food-related experience and improve the experiential learning ability of nutrition students. The lab includes state-of-the-art food analysis equipment such as a protein analyzer, fibertherm, fat analyzer, moisture analyzer, water activity meter, hydrometers, and refractometers, among others. 



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