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Chemistry Labs

The three chemistry labs in Beirut are equipped for practical course work by students majoring in chemistry, biology and pharmacy. The labs accommodate up to 50 students of all levels. The labs support experiments ranging from freshman-level to those requiring advanced analysis and techniques.

They include basic equipment such as PC- controlled viscosity meters, osmometers, BOD analyzers, turbiditimeters, refractometers and polarimeters.

An advanced system of instrumentation supporting all branches of chemistry include a wide range of spectrophotometers UV-Visible;  infrared FTIR; highly advanced PC-controlled chromatography systems, GC and HPLC and ion chromtography; total organic carbon and NCHS elemental analyzers systems; atomic absorption.

Two of the labs contain fume hoods that provide workspaces for four students at a time.

Annexed to the chemistry laboratories are storage facilities with the latest safety equipment of gas detection, chemical spill and fire alarm systems. The labs employ the latest methods for waste treatment and management.

The chemistry labs are also equipped with audiovisual systems including video microscopy for continuous demonstration and experimental purposes.

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