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Biology Labs

The Biology Facilities in Beirut campus consist of two teaching labs and four research labs that are located on the First Floor of Sage Hall. These labs serve both undergraduate and graduate students and are well equipped with sophisticated and modern instrumentation supporting all disciplines of biology.

Biology Lab (Sage 305)

The equipment within the first Teaching Lab include microscopes, Stereomicroscope, balances, pH meter, water baths & shaking water baths, centrifuges, concentrator, stomacher, trans-illuminator, ice machine, two incubators, Visible & UV- visible spectrophotometers, two autoclaves, different types of electrophoresis setups ( Horizontal and Vertical) and a Dishwater.

Biology Lab (Sage 307)

This second lab contains balances, water bath, pH meter, stirrers, spectrophotometers, 4 fridges, and a microwave. Also within the lab there is a large set of Preserved Animal & Plant specimens as well as Displays for sophomore labs.

 Both labs are equipped with Audio Visual systems and LCD projectors.

Biology Research Lab (Sage 302)  

The Research in this Lab is mainly focused on Cell  & Cancer Biology, and the following equipment are present to fulfill the requirements for advanced research: 2 Biosafety Cabinets, 3 CO2 incubators, ultralow Freezer (-80°C), freezer (-20°C), liquid nitrogen tank, orbital-shaker, Needle puller, Homogenizer, heat-block, Inverted Microscope, Microtome & Paraffin Embedding Unit, UVP: Box imaging system in addition to Basic equipment (balance, water bath, incubator, stirrer, pH meter)

Biology Research Lab (Sage 303)  

In this lab the main field of Research is Genetics and the equipment available are: qPCR (real time PCR), PCR master-cycler, Biological Safety cabinet, 2 CO2 incubators, Inverted Microscope, Molecular Imaging system (Chem DOC XRS+) , liquid nitrogen tank, freezer, Autoclave, refrigerated centrifuge, in addition to the Basic equipment (balance, water bath, stirrer, pH meter).

Biology Research Lab (Sage 304)  

The Research in this Lab is also focused on Cell & Cancer Biology with the following equipment: Biological Safety cabinet, 2 CO2 incubators, liquid nitrogen tank, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Flow Cytometer (BP Accuri), Microplate Reader (Varioskan Flask) ,Inverted Microscope, 2 Fridges,  Ultralow Freezer(-80°C), and Basic equipment (balance, water bath, stirrer, pH meter).

Biology Research Lab (Sage 306)  

The main field of Research in this lab is Microbiology and for this the following equipment are available: Biological Safety cabinet, PFGE (Pulsed field Gel Electrophoresis), Freezer (-20°C), Autoclave, 2 incubators, 1 shaking incubator, small Liquid Nitrogen tank, and Basic Equipment (balance, water bath, stirrer, pH meter).

The Fluorescent Microscopy Lab (Sage 302A)

Annexed to the Biology research lab 302, is a small lab equipped with a state of the art Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

Fluorescent Microscopy Room II (Sage 312)

This small room will be reformed to be equipped by the end of this year with another state of the art Nikon Ti2-E Inverted Wide-field Fluorescence Microscope


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