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About the department

Over the last decade, the department of natural sciences at LAU has witnessed remarkable growth in teaching and research. Besides courses intrinsic to its curricula, the department fulfills the university’s Liberal Arts Curriculum in scientific literacy and provides several courses tailored to LAU’s pharmacy, medicine and engineering programs. Our programs emphasize integrated laboratory experiences through which students learn modern experimental techniques using the latest tools.

Graduates may opt to join graduate or professional programs, or they may pursue careers in teaching, healthcare, medicine, industry (chemical engineering, food processing, cosmetics…), biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and related fields. LAU also has collaboration agreements with distinguished European universities for joint PhD programs in molecular biology and biotechnology. Candidates perform their experimental work at LAU and register for graduate courses at both LAU and the partner university. More than 50% of our graduate students have joined PhD programs in reputable universities in France, Belgium, Germany, England, Canada and the US.

Degrees and programs offered

The department of Natural Sciences offers the following undergraduate degrees:

and graduate degrees in

The department also offers 5 minors in Biology, Chemistry, Food Science & Management, Nutrition, Physics.

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