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What Makes the ECC Unique?

The ECC is truly a unique place that is rich in resources and professional people with a distinctive approach towards learning. It combines:  



. A setting within the campus of a reputable university where strict international and high professional standards are upheld

. A rich project-based approach to teaching and learning

. The emphasis on active learning, critical thinking and creativity

. The differentiation of the instructional strategies and materials according to children’s varied readiness levels, learning styles, interests and needs

. Dedicated, caring and specialized early childhood teachers for each classroom

. Small classroom sizes with a distinctive staff-to-children ratio that supports guided and closely supervised activities

. A flexible daily schedule that honors children’s emergent ideas and responses

. A physical set-up that has been redesigned from the ground up to provide the best possible setting for young childrenecc_unique_2.JPG

. Provision of booths to facilitate parent, student and faculty observations

. An enclosed-outdoor “Art Atelier” that allows children to work and play in natural light

. High-quality furniture items that comply with all the international safety requirements, have rounded edges and are GREENGUARD certified

. Childproof and non-toxic classroom materials and manipulatives from international and well-recognized brands

. State of the art technology including interactive whiteboards and computers in each classroom

. Well-balanced, nutritious and healthy daily menus designed by specialized dieticians

. The involvement of several LAU community members in daily activities and projects

. A close communication between families and the ECC staff

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