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Open-Door Policy

We aim to provide the most appropriate standard of service for your child at the ECC. Therefore, in order to cater for your child’s needs, we hope to establish an open and collaborative relationship with parents. The ECC has an “Open Door Policy.” Parents are welcome to observe their children in the classroom setting. The one way glass in both observations booths allow parents to observe their children during the observation room sessions without causing any interruption to the learning process. We encourage all parents to take some time whenever possible to watch how children are learning, playing and interacting with others. It is important to all the ECC staff to form a solid partnership with parents to continuously meet the children’s’ needs.

Observation Room timing:

Parental Involvement

At the ECC, parents are considered to be highly significant participants in their children’s learning experiences at school. We strongly believe that the active role of parents in the classrooms is a fundamental element for the success of the children’s learning journey. Therefore, the ECC creates different opportunities for parents to be involved in the classrooms. Knowing that people have extremely busy lives, the ECC staff members have planned parental involvement opportunities in order for parents to select an option that is best for them. Also, throughout the year, there will be parent-teacher conferences, learning celebrations and a variety of events where all the members of the family will have the chance to participate.

Social Events

Many times during the year, the ECC teachers will organize several social events where parents and other family members will have the chance to visit the ECC with their children and celebrate different occasions in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. 

Parents’ Newsletters

At the end of every month, the ECC teachers will send home parents’ newsletters. The newsletters will include a variety of information such as a summary of the instructional activities and objectives, reminders, important announcement and suggestions for activities that parents and children can do at home to encourage parental involvement with their children.

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