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Mission and Vision



The ECC’s mission is in line with the mission of the University: it provides students with the best developmentally appropriate learning experiences in early childhood education, serves as a venue for teachers’ placement opportunities and promotes community service.

  1. Students 

    The ECC will maximize students’ readiness for formal schooling by granting them firm grounding in educational, physical, social and emotional experiences. This is achieved by:

    • Creating a rich environment in which children learn through play
    • Developing partnerships with the children’s families
    • Providing a developmentally appropriate and differentiated curriculum
    • Integrating multicultural and technological activities
  2. Academic Opportunities

    The ECC offers placement opportunities for LAU undergraduate and graduate students in various fields who need to complete part of their course requirements. Students will develop practical knowledge about the development and learning of children. The students will also acquire effective strategies for teaching and learning while applying and assessing developmentally appropriate activities and an understanding of children’s social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and physical development.

  3. Community Service 

    The ECC is committed to provide an exemplary standard of early childhood education and care for young children in the community to best serve the needs of parents. The ECC presents a unique model and a professional resource for current early childhood teachers who are welcomed to conduct observations at the ECC.




The vision of the ECC is to create a child-friendly environment based on a combination of educational approaches grounded in current research findings that are aimed at promoting the cognitive, creative, physical, social, and emotional development of children. The ECC also aims to provide children with opportunities to grow in a unique environment that encourages the achievement of their highest potential and works on strengthening relationships with the children’s families, teachers, peers and environment.

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