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The goals of the ECC are in parallel with the core standards of the National Association for Educating Young Children (NAEYC). The ECC’s goals are to:


  1. Establish positive relationships with children and their parents to help children in developing a sense of individual worth and responsibility
  2. Create a curriculum that promotes the learning and development of children in the five main developmental domains
  3. Implement developmentally, culturally, and emotionally appropriate instructional practices to promote the development and growth of every child
  4. Implement effective ongoing and authentic assessments that will be communicated to parents during parent-teacher conferences
  5. Provide adequate nutrition and a healthy environment for children
  6. Hire professional and highly qualified staff members who are able to build positive relationships with children
  7. Establish collaborative relationships with parents by maintaining home-school partnerships
  8. Build community relationships by integrating resources from the children’s environments
  9. Maintain a safe and healthy environment that includes developmentally challenging materials and resources, both indoors and outdoors
  10. Maintain high professional standards by implementing policies and procedures that create high-quality learning experiences for children

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