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Minor in Philosophy

The aim of the minor in philosophy is to supplement and enhance your knowledge in philosophy as well as your core discipline. Philosophy focuses on critical and analytic skills, and since such skills are required by every major, when you pursue the minor you will place yourselves in a more competitive position in the job market, while also benefiting personally.


  1. Teach you how to clearly understand and formulate arguments in philosophy and other domains.
  2. Foster a moral outlook with the aim of allowing you to negotiate life and career situations responsibly.
  3. Provide you with the resources to understand their major area of study critically and reflectively.

What Will I Learn?

Upon the completion of the minor in philosophy program, you should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a basic familiarity with philosophical ideas and the different domains of philosophy.
  2. Write and speak in a persuasive manner, with an emphasis on formulating and critiquing arguments.
  3. Assess everyday and workplace situations from a moral perspective


The Minor in Philosophy requires six courses (18 credits), divided between core requirements and philosophy electives. 

Core Requirements (6 Credits)

Theoretical/Practical Concentration (3 credits):  Students must take one of the below courses:

Number Title Cr
PHL222 Symbolic  Logic 3
PHL223 Ethics 3

History of Philosophy (3 credits): Students must take at least one of the following courses:

Number Title Cr
PHL331 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHL332 Medieval Philosophy 3
PHL333 Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHL334 19th Century Philosophy 3
PHL335 Arab and Islamic Philosophy 3

Electives Requirements (12 Credits): Any philosophy course excluding PHL499-Senior Study


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