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Samar Moujaes

Dr. Samar Moujaes is a lecturer of Arabic at LAU Beirut. She taught Arabic language and literature at AUB from 1986 to 1998. She joined LAU in 1988 as a part-timer and became a full-timer in 2003.

Her research interests include French Orientalism and Arabic thought in the Arabic Nahda period.

Selected publications

  1. .سمر مجاعص، رينان ونظريّة الشكّ في الشعر الجاهليّ : ريادة مغيّبة واقتباسات دون مزدوجين، دار النهار، 2009
  2. Samar Moujaes Abdel Nour, “Ernest Renan et Farah Antoun: infiltration de la laïcité de l’Occident à l’Orient,” “Travaux et Jours,” Publication de l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Nouvelle Série n. 83, Automne 2009 – hiver 2010, pp. 131–152. (“Ernest Renan and Farah Antun: infiltration of the secularism from the Occident to the Orient”).
  3. “إرنست رينان وبدايات الصراعات الكبرى” (Ernest Renan and the Beginning of the Great Conflicts). Article published in Al-Abhath, Journal of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, American University of Beirut. Volume 55–56, 2007–2008, pp. 43–83.
  4. Ernest Renan et l’Orient: Ambiguïté d’une relation passionnée (Septentrion – France, 1997).

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