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Rami el Ali

Dr. Rami el Ali is an assistant professor of philosophy and the program lead of the BA in Philosophy. 

Before joining LAU in fall 2014, Dr. Ali completed his PhD at the University of Miami in Florida, USA. His dissertation, which focused on hallucinations, received the David John Ruggiero Award for best dissertation in the humanities.

Dr. Ali’s research primarily focuses on the philosophy of mind with an emphasis on perception. He is currently completing a monograph on sensory misperception. More recently, he has taken an interest in pictures and how we perceive them.

Dr. Ali also works on the phenomenological movement and the philosophy of technology. In the former he focuses on existentialist and post-existentialist phenomenology with a particular interest in Emmanuel Levinas. In the latter he has a special interest in virtual reality and the ethics of virtual acts. As an avid proponent of virtual reality technology, he owns four headsets, and has a working knowledge of designing virtual spaces. He is also currently part of a team that is preparing virtual reality classrooms at LAU.

Dr. Ali spends his free time as a political activist. He aims to promote the use of philosophical thought in everyday contexts and focuses on issues revolving around the environment, poverty, and women’s rights. He is also a big fan of the visual arts and in particular painting, film, and video games. 

For a further introduction to Dr. Ali see his TedXLAU talk on philosophy and the future or head over to his personal website linked on this page. 

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