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Andree Affeich

Dr. Andree S. Affeich is assistant professor of translation in the Department of Humanities. She holds a Master of Translation, a Master of Advanced Studies in Foreign Languages and Cultures, and a PhD in Multilingual Lexicology and Terminology; Translation from Université Lumière Lyon II-France. She is largely and actively contributing to the development and advancement of LAU’s Translation Program at the national and international levels. Since 2017, she has been developing and promoting active learning methods and techniques in her classes in line with the university’s Strategic Plan III. Dr. Affeich is currently serving on the School Learning Assessment Council (SLAC).

Before Joining LAU, she was an assistant professor of terminology and translation at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) from 2010 till 2015, and associate dean of USEK’s Faculty of Letters from 2012 till 2015.

In 2016, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, whereby she joined North Carolina State University in Raleigh for faculty development and research matters. During her time at NC State, she worked on a research project examining the role of language ideology in translating news media with Dr. Walt Wolfram, distinguished professor of sociolinguistics and director of the North Carolina Language and Life Project.

In 2015, she became the first Arab researcher to be elected member of the Pan-Latin Terminology Network “REALITER” at the General Assembly held at the Royal Academy of Belgium in Brussels. 

Dr. Affeich was also awarded grants and scholarships from the French government, including the highest merit scholarship offered by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to pursue her research work in France, as well as a grant offered by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work on a research project in Tunisia. 

She is the author of books, numerous contributions in national and international conferences, book reviews and articles on translation and terminology published in national and international journals. She is also a translator and reviser of several translations.

Dr. Affeich is involved in many cultural activities and conferences and is often a guest speaker at many national and international cultural events.

Selected Publications


Book chapter

Book reviews

Articles in international peer reviewed journals

  • Affeich A., “Arabic Digital Content” [in French], in Journal of Letters and Translation, Kaslik, PUSEK, 2015, no. 16, pp. 15-24
  • Affeich A., “Multilingual Terminology: How it Can Contribute to the Perception of the Universe and the Understanding of Concepts” [in Arabic], in Proceedings of the international conference on Languages, Letters and Dialogue of Cultures, Kaslik, PUSEK, 2013, pp. 37-44
  • Affeich A., “Loan Terms in the Specialized Arabic Vocabulary: Yesterday and Today” [in French], Turjuman, Journal of Translation and Interpretation, Tangier, King Fahd School of Translation, 2011, vol. 20/2, pp. 28-74
  • Affeich A., “When the Translator Renders the Etymological Meaning… Example of the Translation from English into Arabic of Greco-Latin Formants of the Internet Domain” [in French], Journal of Letters and Translation, Kaslik, PUSEK, 2010, no. 14, pp. 45-55

Scientific contributions in national and international conferences

  • XVth International Conference organized by the Pan-Latin Terminology Network REALITER, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal, 2019.
  • International conference on Translators and Interpreters Confronted with Social and Political Challenges: The Issue of Neutrality, School of Translators and Interpreters-ESIT, Sorbonne Nouvelle University-Paris 3, 2017.
  • XIth International Scientific Conference organized by the Pan-Latin Terminology Network REALITER, Royal Academy of Belgium, 2015.
  • IXth international symposium on The Lebanese Presence in the World, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, 2015.
  • International symposium on Languages, Cultures and Media in the Mediterranean, organized by University of Ibn Zohr (Morocco), Université Paris VIII and INALCO (Paris), Morocco, 2014.
  • International conference on Verbal and Non-Verbal Representation in Terminology, University of Copenhagen, 2013. 
  • International conference on Globalized Modernity and Cultural Identity in Arab Emigrant Writings, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, 2013.
  • International Mother Language Day, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, 2013.
  • International conference on The Arabic Language in the 20th Century: Rupture and Resistance, Université de Lorraine, 2012.
  • International conference on Comparative Methods and Analysis in the Language Sciences, Université de Toulouse II-Le Mirail, 2011.
  • International conference on Languages, Letters and Dialogue of Cultures, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, 2010.
  • International conference on Terminology & Ontology: Therories and Applications (TOTh 09), Université de Savoie, 2009.  


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