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Ian Grey

Dr. Ian Grey is Irish and is an accidental psychologist. He actually wanted to be an accountant and mistakenly selected psychology whilst at university when they let him in. Despite a lot of initial confusion, he stuck with psychology ever since. He is currently an associate professor of clinical psychology at LAU. He holds two doctoral degrees: a PhD from the National University of Ireland and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. He holds additional post-graduate qualifications in Applied Behavior Analysis and in Forensic Psychology.

He is probably still confused.

Dr. Grey worked as a clinical psychologist for almost 20 years, and previously specialized in the application of assessment and intervention methodology to the remediation of severe behavioral disorders in children and adolescents with neuro-developmental disorders. He has held the positions of clinical director and consultant clinical psychologist. Dr. Grey has more recently worked in clinical forensic psychology settings specializing in psychometric assessment in legal settings. He gets to spend a lot of time in jail but is lucky to be able to leave everyday.

He has a varied range of interests across both applied psychology and experimental research with specific interests in neuro-developmental disorders, experiential avoidance, cultural adaptations of psychotherapy, influences on psychopathology and cognitive vulnerabilities and their relationship with culture.

His favorite hobbies include cycling in the mountains at home in Ireland, practicing Aikido, reading history, world cinema, traveling, finding the perfect pint of Guinness, using a chainsaw, and lamenting the state of American politics.

Recent Publications

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  5. Yang, Y. & Grey, I (in press).  SIEs’ Motivational CQ on Job Satisfaction: A Two-study Examination of Power Distance.  Journal of Intercultural Relations.
  6. Thomas, J. & Grey, I. (in press).  Variation in emotional expressivity across cultures: An analysis of online drawings using Google’s Quick Draw. Computers in Human Behaviour-Reports.
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