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Minor in English

The Minor in English aims to provide you with various majors with the opportunity to advance your understanding of literature, language, and professional creative writing.

What Will I Learn?

When you graduate with a Minor in English, you will be able to:

  1. apply knowledge of literary texts, language theories, and basic professional creative writing  
  2. interpret, explain, and appraise the allusive qualities of texts
  3. apply knowledge of thematic content and the formal features of discourse ethically and professionally  
  4. analyze texts from multiple points of view in the context of history, society, culture, and politics
  5. display substantial knowledge in literature study, language study, or professional creative writing 
  6. produce individual scholarly research projects of significant length


Core Courses (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
ENG213 Introduction to Language 3
ENG216 Introduction to Literature 3
ENG—- Any writing course* 3

*Students may select a writing course from the electives below, and this would be counted as one of the core courses. 

Elective Courses (9 credits)

Students may choose any three courses from the list below. Close advising is recommended to ensure that the student’s minor is coherent when it comes to literature, language, or professional creative writing. 


Number Course Cr
ENG211 Literature I 3
ENG212 Literature II 3
ENG323 Renaissance Drama 3
ENG324 Medieval Literature 3
ENG325 Renaissance Poetry 3
ENG326 Restoration and Neoclassical Literature 3
ENG328 Early Novel 3
ENG336 Romantic & Victorian Poetry 3
ENG339 Nineteenth-century British Novel 3
ENG342 Modernism and Beyond 3
ENG345 Twentieth-century British Novel 3
ENG346 Contemporary Culture 3
ENG348 Post-colonial Anglophone Literature 3
ENG351 Early American Literature 3
ENG352 Twentieth-Century American Novel 3
ENG354 Theories of Literature & Culture 3
ENG361 Adaptation 3
ENG372 Comparative and World Literature 3
ENG376 Gender in Literature 3
ENG479 Topics in Literature and Culture 3
ENG487 Topics in Drama and Theatre 3


Number Course Cr
ENG281 Language and Change 3
ENG282 Language and the Media 3
ENG283 Language and Gender 3
ENG303 Literary Linguistics 3
ENG308 Semantics and Pragmatics 3
ENG380 Language and the Law 3
ENG381 Corpus Linguistics 3
ENG480 Discourse and Power 3


Number Course Cr
ENG301 Food Writing and Traveling 3
ENG304 Arts and Fashion Writing 3
ENG305 Music and Performing Arts Criticism 3
ENG331 Poetry Writing 3
ENG333 Fiction Writing 3
ENG335 Playwriting 3
ENG362 Trans-media Writing 3
ENG366 Creative Writing 3
ENG410 Writing for International Organizations 3
ENG411 Speech Writing 3
ENG412 Grant Writing 3


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