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Victor Khachan

Dr. Victor Khachan is associate professor of applied linguistics in the Department of English. He is also the chair of the department. Dr. Khachan has extensive teaching experience in academic English and public speaking. He has conducted adult illiteracy projects in Egypt and Morocco and has been a lead academic English consultant in Muscat, Oman and a regional media trainer. Dr. Khachan’s research interests are in the areas of adult illiteracy, linguistic identity, diglossia, courtroom language, academic argumentation and persuasion, and corpus linguistics.  

Dr. Khachan is a core trainer in the Young Arab Voices, a regional debate project, initiated by the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Selected publications

  1. Khachan, V.  (2012). Courtroom proverbial murals in Lebanon: A semiotic reconstruction of justice. Social Semiotics, 22(3), 333-347.
  2. Khachan, V. and Bacha, N. (2012). A lexical corpus-based analysis of L2 academic vocabulary: a case study. Asian ESP Journal, 8(1), 53-74.
  3. Khachan, V. (2010). Arabic-Arabic courtroom translation in Lebanon. Social & Legal Studies, 19 (2), 183-196.
  4. Khachan, V., Saab, Y., and Sadik, F. (2010). Pharmacy education in Lebanon. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 2, 186-191
  5. Khachan, V. (2009). Diglossic needs of illiterate adult women in Egypt: A needs assessment. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 28 (5), 649-660.


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