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Nadia-Gabriella Bhuiyan

Nadia-Gabriella Bhuiyan is an instructor of English at LAU. After graduating from LAU with a BA in English Language, Nadia earned her master’s degree (also in English Language) from the American University of Beirut (AUB). As a graduate student, she explored the experiences and perceptions of four AUB freshmen on the high school-to-college writing classroom shift in Lebanon.

Before returning to LAU as an instructor, she taught English language courses at Notre Dame University and AUB. Her experience as an instructor and writing center tutor at the institutions has allowed her to work extensively with students involved in the research paper process. Her expertise also extends to the construction, organization, and layout of resumes, cover letters, and personal statements, on which she gives workshops.

Bhuiyan is an advocate of allowing the writer to take the forefront, and discussing and framing ideas based on the writer’s intended direction. In addition to teaching the different required courses of the English language program, she is also coordinator of the Intensive English Program in Byblos.

She is currently a doctoral student in the Composition and Applied Linguistics Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include: academic integrity, culturally inclusive pedagogy, and the native speaker ideological construct.

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