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George Sadaka

Dr. George Sadaka is an assistant professor of English literature. He also served as the Associate Chair of the Department of English. He started his teaching career at LAU as an Instructor in 2003 and as a Lecturer 2013. He taught creative writing, English literature and cultural studies. He was assigned coordinator of Cultural Studies, Ethics and English Literature between 2006 and 2019.

Dr. Sadaka earned his PhD in English from the University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom in 2012, under the supervision of Dr. Lindsey Moore and the secondary supervision of Dr. Arthur Bradley. Dr. Robert Spencer, at the University of Manchester, examined the thesis and chaired the viva voce (defense). The title of the PhD thesis is “The Store as a Contra-Colonial Trope of Resistance and Decolonisation in a Selection of Twentieth Century Colonial Novels.” The thesis treats a reconciliation of colonial and postcolonial paradigms through recurrent images/colonial spaces located in 20th-century colonial novels: Heart of Darkness (1899-1902) by Joseph Conrad, Mister Johnson (1939) by Joyce Cary, The Heart of the Matter (1948) by Graham Green, The sheltering Sky (1949) by Paul Bowles, The Grass in Singing (1950) by Doris Lessing, and Justine (1957) by Lawrence Durell. The methodology is a melange of Postcolonial, Marxist, and Decostructionist literary theory. Dr. Sadaka has research interests in the Gothic, psychoanalysis, and postcolonialism.  


Dr. Sadaka has delivered the following lectures:

  1. “The Scheherazade Paradigm (Word vs. Sword): A Dialectical Duality of the Semiotic and the Symbolic.” A lecture given at a symposium entitled The Power of Words, which I organized at LAU, in Spring 2015.
  2. “(In)visible Borders: A (De)construction.” Presented at LAU to Architecture students within a symposium entitled Borders and hosted by the School of Architecture in Spring 2014.
  3. “Occupied by Preoccupation: Monologue as Dialogue of Patience in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Martin Luther King’s The Trumpet of Conscience.” A presentation at Dialogue Under Occupation VI International Conference, Beirut, 2012.
  4. “De-naissance: The Absent Male in Orientalist Paintings.” A brown-bag lecture at LAU in 2011.

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