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The School of Arts and Sciences supports a myriad of outreach activities, and the Department of Education is a fundamental part of this mission.

In addition to their field experience, our students have also been involved in outreach activities in their respective schools.

In May 2014, they organized civic engagement activities in Makassed School, for example.


Following a departmental tradition, LAU students enrolled in EDU 203 became substitute English Language teachers in grades 2-6 at the Makassed Khalil Chehab Elementary School. The students applied all the reading strategies that they had learned in the course Reading Across the Curriculum and read books to the children and engaged them in active learning strategies to enhance comprehension and subskills. The children were excited to learn through fun hands-on methods and expressed this by asking our students to return and prepare similar activities. Our LAU students also enjoyed this learning experience, so when the school principal asked for further help, 10 students volunteered to work with the children on various tasks.


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