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Field Experiences are an integral part of the Education program at the Lebanese American University (LAU). The Department of Education at LAU collaborates with schools throughout Lebanon to provide future teachers with practical experiences in actual classrooms. This helps to develop their professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the field.

Students working towards a B.A. in Education at LAU are required to start their experiences in schools in their junior year. Subsequently, students who successfully complete the observation experience will proceed to the methods and student teaching experiences in their senior year.

The Practica Experiences’ structure is designed to prepare future teachers in stages for the student teaching experience. Course instructors design assignments to reflect the level of experience designated for the courses:

Practica Experiences

Level I:
Fall semester/
Junior Year

Practicum I: Observation course

Emphasis is on teacher assisting and working with students one- on-one and in small groups. Future teachers are allowed to teach mini lessons or a few individually.

Level II:
Fall semester/ Senior year

PCKs: a.k.a. Methods/ Subject Matter courses

Emphasis is on developing.a unit and.teaching a few lessons to large or small groups in each of the respective content areas and developing baseline data for planning and teaching lessons

Level III:
Spring semester/ Senior year

Practicum II: a.k.a. Student teaching

Emphasis is on assuming all teaching responsibilities, duties, and expectations from their future profession within the guidelines of the hosting school.

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