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Rony Touma

Dr. Rony Touma is an associate professor of applied mathematics. He is the graduate program coordinator of the Master in Applied and Computational Mathematics at LAU; he was also the associate chair of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. He has been teaching at LAU since 2005.

His research interests include the development of central finite volume methods on Cartesian or unstructured grids for the approximate solution of systems of hyperbolic systems of conservation, and balance laws in several space dimensions. He is working on applications in astrophysics aerodynamics, and fluid dynamics.

Selected publications

  1. D. Zeidan, EG. da Silva, R. Touma, Simulation of Discontinuous Waves with Velocity Non-Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow, 2019
  2. R. Touma, F. Kanbar, Well-balanced central schemes for two-dimensional systems of shallow water equations with wet and dry states, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 62, 728-750, 2018.
  3. R. Touma, F. Kanbar, Central schemes for the SWE systems with wet and dry states, AIP Conference Proceedings 1978 (1), 030010, 2018.
  4. R. Touma, D. Zeidan, An unstaggered central scheme on nonuniform grids for the simulation of a compressible two-phase flow model, AIP Conference Proceedings 1738 (1), 0300321, 2016.
  5. D. Zeidan, M. Alnaief, MZ. Saghir, R. Touma, Simulations on porous media with nanofluids–initial study, AIP Conference Proceedings 1738 (1), 030006, 2016.
  6. R. Touma , Well-balanced central schemes for systems of shallow water equations with wet and dry states, Applied Mathematical Modelling 40 (4), 2929-2945, 2016.

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