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The School of Arts and Sciences supports a myriad of outreach activities, and the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics has played a pivotal role in reaching out to high school students all over Lebanon.

These are the upcoming activities organized in both Beirut and Byblos.

Learn_Computing @LAU

For the fourth year in a row, this activity will consist of a short course in Beirut that aims to give students an appreciation of university-level Computer Science by teaching them about mobile applications and programming. The course will be free of charge and will target students in Grade 10 and Grade 11. The summer camp will culminate in a project and prizes that will be distributed to the top three winning projects. Prizes include scholarships to the Computer Science Program at LAU as well as mobile devices (mobile phones and / or tablets).

This year’s summer camp will be followed by an optional one-month training in programming in preparation for the First National International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). The IOI is a highly competitive yearly international competition in computer programming for high school students. Students who perform well in the IOI often get sponsorship from high-tech companies (such as Google), while they continue their studies at any of the best universities (MIT, Waterloo, etc …).

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Computer Science Summer Institute

computer-science-summer-camp-2013-01-big.jpgThe institute hosts high school students in Byblos and teaches them programming (web development, mobile programming, etc.) throughout the week.Students then build a project and a competition is held at the end of the week. Prizes include mobile devices and scholarships to the Computer Science program at LAU. This year’s Summer Institute will also be followed by an optional one-month training in programming in preparation for the first national version of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

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