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Academic Computer Center

Optimum use of natural light is one of the improvements of the recent renovation.

The Academic Computer Center operates a sophisticated network of computer equipment to support academic and research activities of students and faculty from various programs.

The center is managed by means of high-performance, scalable IBM Blade servers that provide students with user accounts, development tools, database services, and a wide spectrum of applications.

With over 130 workstations, undergraduate and graduate students have access to a variety of operating systems such as Linux distributions, BSD, Windows, and Sun Solaris. All PCs and peripherals are networked and connected to the Internet.

An eight-node cluster for parallel computing research is also available, which will be expanded to 30 nodes soon.

Students are exposed to software under different operating systems and platforms. Software varies from desktop applications to research-oriented ones.

Students can also use printing, scanning, digital imaging and plotting services here.

The center was founded about 40 years ago to serve one of the first computer science programs in the Middle East, and it has never stopped developing and expanding since. In 2009 it was completely renovated to improve it structurally and modernize it aesthetically.

Plans exist to add a multimedia lab, a simulation lab and robotics facilities.

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