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Computer Science & Mathematics

About the department

Computing technology is a major enabler of the knowledge-based economy and the backbone of the electronic revolution. Computer Science is the theory and practice of representation, processing, and use of information. Almost every aspect of everyday life has been transformed by information technologies enabled by this field.

LAU was the first university in Lebanon to offer an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. This reputable academic program makes LAU a leader in computer science education. The program started back in 1976, and it was the first program in Lebanon and one of the early programs in the region. Later on, the Bachelor of Science was followed in 1992 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. “The BS in Computer Science Program at the Lebanese American University is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET.”

To support the academic and research activities of the department, sophisticated computing and networking facilities are on hand, with continuous updates and expansions.

Degrees and programs offered

The department of Computer Science & Mathematics offers the following undergraduate degrees:

and graduate degrees in

The department also offers 3 minors in Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Mathematics.

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