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Outreach and Civic Engagement


In its 2011-2016 Strategic Plan, the Lebanese American University identified six strategic priorities, one of which is Outreach and Civic Engagement. Its main goal is to “Extend LAU’s academic, professional and social services beyond the confines of its campuses and provide opportunities for students and faculty to expand their university experience to the community and abroad.”

Civic engagement quickly became a priority for LAU’s School of Arts and Sciences. The school’s many departments and programs provide prefect opportunities to reach out to the community in two-way learning experiences, benefiting the public as well as LAU faculty and students.

Outreach and civic engagement activities in the School of Arts and Sciences are the results of collective (and sometimes individual) initiatives designed to promote civic awareness, engaged and culturally cognizant citizens. The School’s rich resources and dynamic faculty body are behind the success of its activities.

LAU is shaped and inspired by the cities in which its campuses are located. From the vibrant capital city of Beirut to the historic city of Byblos, the School of Arts and Sciences is working to make a difference in the lives of its communities, promoting life-long learners, active citizenship, and socially responsible students.


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