The School of Arts & Sciences

School administration

The School of Arts and Sciences is co-located in the Beirut and Byblos campuses of the Lebanese American University, and is the heart of the Lebanese American University and its oldest school. The School is the home of the liberal arts core, which is central to the mission of the University. 

The School houses the Departments of Communication Arts, Computer Science and Mathematics, Education, English, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Furthermore, the School administers the Institute for Migration Studies, the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution, the Software Institute, and the Early Childhood Center.

The School is lead by one academic dean assisted by the assistant deans, chairs and associate chairs of departments. The dean is the chief academic officer of the school and shall provide leadership and supervision on all consequential functions that affect the progress of the school. The associate and assistant deans shall work on school wide functions and matters in coordination with the chairs. The chairs and the associate chairs shall provide leadership to the departments in order to enhance the quality and reputation of the department.

The school by-laws can be accessed here

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