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Minor in Sociology

A Minor in Sociology seeks to enrich the students’ knowledge of modern societies, with particular emphasis on Lebanon and other Arab countries.

Students from many disciplines, such as education, communication arts, social work, political science, international affairs, economics, English literature, graphic design, and architecture, can benefit from this minor. The courses are designed to address some of the issues raised by these disciplines, from a sociological perspective.

The courses for the Minor in Sociology are counted as part of the Social Sciences requirements and free electives. Students will have a chance to graduate with a degree in their major, and a Minor in Sociology.

Core Courses (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
SOC201 Introduction to Sociology   3
SOC321 Sociology of the Arab World 3
SOC401 Sociological Theories 3


Electives (9 credits can be selected from the following courses)

Number Course Cr
SOC 203/SWO 203 Citizenship, Leadership and Civic Engagement 3
SOC204/PSY 204 Social Psychology 3
SOC210/POL210 Intro to Political Thought 3
SOC212/JSC 312 Media and Society 3
SOC215 Introduction to Gender Studies 3
SOC222/POL222 Comparative Political Systems 3
SOC303/ARC581 Urban Sociology/Urban Planning 3
SOC304 Sociology of Religion 3
SOC313/WOS313 Women in the Arab World 3
SOC335/POL335 Politics of Multiculturalism 3
SOC488 Topics in Sociology 3


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