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Minor in Political Science/International Affairs

A. Program Mission Statement

The Minor in Political Science/International Affairs supports LAU’s core mission, vision and values by a commitment to education with a strong liberal arts foundation and a continuous improvement in the overall quality of teaching, research, writing and educational service. The intent of the program is thus to advance an academic understanding of contemporary political science/international affairs and address its complexities.

B. Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Graduates in the Minor in Political Science/International Affairs will:

For a Minor in Political Science/International Affairs students must choose 18 credits of the following courses:

Minor core requirements (9 credits):

POL201Introduction to Political Science3
POL222Comparative Political System3
POL240Concepts of World Politics3

Minor elective requirements (9 credits):

POL203Government and Politics of Lebanon3
POL210Introduction to Political Thought3
POL252Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution3
POL312Politics of the Developing Areas3
POL321American Governments and Politics3
POL322Foreign Policy of the Major Powers3
POL323Middle East Governments and Politics3
POL331International Organization3
POL332Public International Law3
POL335Politics of Multiculturalism3
POL346International Political Economy3
POL357Globalization and Political Change3
POL426Politics of the European Union3
POL432Diplomatic and Consular Service3
POL437Topics in Political Science/International Affairs3
POL422The Middle East in World Affairs3


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