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B.A. in Psychology

Psychology allows students to study and analyze the thoughts and behaviors of human beings, with an emphasis on the individual rather than the group. Students learn the various methods used in psychological research and data interpretation.

Graduates with a B.A. in Psychology can consider a wide range of careers at the entry level in the field of psychology or a related field such as education. Some careers will require further study and/or training after completion of the degree.


Students must complete 92 credits (excluding freshman requirements) for the major, of which 34 are from the Liberal Arts Curriculum, 3 credits in Applied Statistics, 45 in psychology courses (30 in the Major Core Requirements and 15 in psychology electives), and 10 in the free electives.

Liberal Arts Curriculum* (34 credits)

See the Liberal Arts Curriculum page for details.

* Potential courses: psychology of gender, positive psychology, cultural psychology, motor development, psychology in the community, human sexuality, eating disorders, etc.

Major core requirements (30 credits)

PSY201Introduction to Psychology3
PSY234Development Across the Life Span  (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY245Research Methods I   (prerequisite Psy 201)3
PSY295Theories of Learning  (prerequisite PSY201) 3
PSY322Mind and Behavior     (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY345Research Methods II  (prerequisite PSY245)3
PSY355Biological Basis of Behavior  (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY425Abnormal Psychology  (prerequisite PSY201, PSY320)3
PSY466Counseling Theories  (prerequisite PSY425)3
PSY499Senior study (prerequisite: PSY204,senior standing)3

Psychology electives (15 credits)

Choose five out of the below nine courses:

PSY202Child Psychology3
PSY203Psychology of Youth  (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY204Social Psychology (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY256Sensation and Perception (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY267Cultural Psychology (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY311Exceptional Child3
PSY320Theories of Personality (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY335Industrial Organizational Psychology (prerequisite PSY201)3
PSY498Topics in Psychology (prerequisite PSY201)3

STA202 Applied Statistics (3 credits)

Free electives (10 credits)


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