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B.A. in Political Science/International Affairs

The B.A. in Political Science/International Affairs Program is designed to equip students with knowledge of the historical and contemporary dimensions of the international system, and introduces them to foreign affairs, global issues, and the methodologies employed in historical, political and economic analysis. It allows students to explore the enduring questions of the origins of war and the maintenance of peace, the nature and exercise of power within an international system, and the changing roles of state and non-state actors who participate in international decision making in the global environment.

International affairs graduates typically pursue a wide variety of paths after completion of the degree. Some pursue further study and research in international affairs at a graduate level. Others seek further complementary education — by attending a law school, master’s of business or public administration programs, teacher training, or journalism and broadcasting schools — in preparation for careers in the private or public sector.

Some students directly pursue careers in the private sector, in fields such as international business, business management, and consultancy. Others choose careers in the many branches of the public service, including civil and diplomatic services and local government. Many are attracted to careers in national and international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the United Nations.


Students majoring in Political Science/International Affairs should take the Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements, all courses in the major, and the three courses listed under “Other Requirements.”

Liberal Arts Curriculum requirements (25 credits)

See the Liberal Arts Curriculum page for details.

Major core requirements (39 credits)

Number Course Cr
ECO201 Micro Economics 3
ECO202 Macro Economics 3
POL201 Introd. to Polit. Science 3
POL203 Gov’t & Politics of Lebanon 3
POL210 Introduction to Political Thought 3
POL222 Comparative Political Systems 3
POL240 Concepts of World Politics 3
POL312 Politics of the Developing Areas 3
POL314 Research Methodology 3
POL322 Foreign Policy of the Major Powers 3
POL331 International Organization 3
POL332 Public International Law 3
POL499 Senior Study-Political Science 3

Issue Track requirements (9 credits)

Choose either 9 credits in one of the following issue tracks or take a total of 9 credits from this section

A. Globalization

Number Course Cr
ECO311 Economic Development 3
POL335 Politics of Multiculturalism 3
POL346 International Political Economy 3
POL357 Globalization and Political Change 3
POL437 Topics in Political Science - International Affairs 3
POL448 Internship 3


B. Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

Number Course Cr
POL252 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution 3
POL415 Negotiation and Bargaining 3
POL432 Diplomatic and Consular Service 3
POL437 Topics in Political Science - International Affairs 3
POL448 Internship 3

Area Study Requirements (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
HST240 History of the Arab Peoples 3
HST241 History of Islam in the M.E. 3
HST304 Modern Europe 3
HST305 Contemporary Europe 3
HST334 History of North America 3
POL321 American Gov’t & Politics 3
POL323 M.E. Government and Politics 3
POL368 Political Parties & Election in America 3
POL422 The M.E. in the World Affairs 3
POL426 Politics of the European Union 3
POL437 Topics in Political Science-International Affairs 3
SOC321 Sociology of the Arab World 3
WOS313 Women in the Arab World 3

Free electives (10 credits)


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