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Rudy Abi-Habib

Dr. Rudy Abi-Habib is an assistant professor of clinical psychology in LAU’s Department of Social Sciences.

Fascinated by clinical psychology in its research, teaching and clinical facets, Abi-Habib completed a double Ph.D. program in 2009 in Paris, and a two-year postdoctoral program in 2012 in Leuven, Belgium. He is a clinical psychologist and a psychodynamic psychotherapist since 2005. His research interests are specific psychopathology, such as personality disorders, trauma, and psychosomatic disorders, psychometrics, as well basic psychological constructs such as attachment, reflective functioning and mentalization. He is currently working on several research projects involving psychosomatic disorders, substance abuse and impulsivity.

Coupled with his passion for psychology he enjoys photography, playing the saxophone, Scuba Diving and spending time with his family.

Selected publications:


  1. Abi-Habib R, Luyten P. The role of Dependency and Self-Criticism in the relationship between anger and depression. Personality and individual differences (2013 – electronic version available online)
  2. Musallam KM, Khoury B, Abi-Habib R, Bazzi L, Al Ward Z, Succar J, Halawi R, Hankir A, Koussa S, Taher AT. Prevalence of depression and anxiety in adult patients with β-thalassemia major and intermedia. INT’L. J. PSYCHIATRY IN MEDICINE, Vol. 44(4) 291-303, 2012
  3. Musallam KM, Khoury B, Abi-Habib R, Bazzi L, Succar J, Halawi R, Hankir A, Koussa S, Taher AT. Health-related quality of life in adults with transfusion-independent thalassemia intermedia compared to regularly-transfused thalassemia major: new insights. Eur J Haematol 2011;87(1):73-79.

Book Chapters



  1. Factors Underlying Cross-Cultural and Gender Differences in Stigma towards ASD: Insights from an Online Training for College Students in Lebanon and the United States. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Nidal Daou, Maria Jose Sanchez Ruiz, Rita Obeid, Patricia J. Brooks, Steven K. Kapp, Fumio Someki, Nava Silton, & Rudy Abi-Habib
  2. La prise en charge de la toxicomanie dans la prison Libanaise centrale pour hommes. Imad J, Nassif H, Aya H, Achour Z, Khoury J, Abi-Habib R, Soufia M. Congress de l’Encéphale 2012, Paris.

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