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Huda Ayyash-Abdo

 Dr. Huda Ayyash-Abdo is an associate professor of psychology in the Department of Social Sciences at LAU Beirut campus.

Over the course of her career, she has taught a variety of courses in both psychology and counseling education. She has created seven courses graduate and undergraduate.  At the undergraduate level, she has taught Introduction to Psychology, Child Psychology, Exceptional Child, Abnormal Psychology, Theories of Personality, School Counseling, Counseling Psychology, Positive Psychology and Senior Study. At the graduate level, she has taught courses in Theories and Techniques of Counseling, Counseling Children and Adolescents, and supervised internships in relevant settings to monitor the practical application of such skills. Dr. Ayyash-Abdo supervised a number MA thesis and served as guest committee member on Ph.D. dissertations.

 Dr. Ayyash-Abdo’s research interests have been informed by the psycho-social environment of Lebanon and its influence on the young population. As such, her current research include: anxiety among young population, the manifestations of mental disorders cross-culturally and the restoration of well-being.

In Preparation

Selected Publications

  1. Ayyash-Abdo H, Nohra J, Okawa S, et al. (2016). Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents in Lebanon: A Confirmatory Factor Analytic Study of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression for Children. Acta Psychopathalogica, Vol. 2, No. 6: 46. DOI: 10.4172/2469-6676.100072.  
  2. Ayyash-Abdo, H., Tayara, R., & Sasagawa, S. (2016).   Social anxiety symptoms: A cross-cultural study between Lebanon and the U.K. Personality and Individual Differences. 96,100-105. DOI: 10.1016/j.paid.2016.02.0
  3. Ayyash-Abdo, H., Sanchez-Ruiz, M. J. & Barbari, M. (2016).  Resiliency Predicts Academic Performance of Lebanese Adolescents over Demographic Variables and Hope. Learning and Individual Differences.48, 9-16. DOI:
  4. Ayyash-Abdo, H. & Sanchez-Ruiz, M. J. (2012) Subjective well-being and its relationship to academic achievement, and multilinguality among Lebanese students. International Journal of Psychology. 47,3, 192-202. Doi: 10.1080/00207594.2011.614616.
  5.  Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2011) Subjective well-being of college students during political violence and uncertainty. Journal of Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being, 2, 3, 340-361.
  6. Ayyash-Abdo, H., Alamuddin, R., & Mukallid, S. (2010) School counseling in Lebanon: past, present and future. Journal of Counseling and Development. 88, 1, 15–18.
  7. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2010) A view from Lebanon: The buffer mechanisms. In L. Bromans (Ed.) the World Book of Happiness, Belgium: Lannoo Publishers.
  8. Ayyash-Abdo, H. & Alamuddin, R. (2007) Predictors of subjective well-being among college youth in Lebanon.  Journal of Social Psychology.  147, 3, 265-284. doi:10.3200/SOCP.147.3.265-284.
  9. Ayyash-Abdo, H., Bahous, R., and Nabhani, M. (2009) Educating young adolescents in Lebanon. In An International Look at Educating Young Adolescents. In The Handbook of Research on Middle Level Education series, Volume VII. Eds. S. Mertens, V. Anfara, & K. Roney. (pp. 25–46). Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC. USA. 
  10. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2007). Adolescence in Lebanon. In Routledge International Encyclopedia of Adolescence, Volume II. Eds. J. J. Arnett and U.P. Gielen. (Pp.583-590) New York: Routledge Publishers.
  11. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2003). Adolescents’ Self-Image in Lebanon: Implications for Education. In International Perspectives on Adolescence, Adolescence and Education, Volume III. Eds. Frank Pajares and Tim Urdan. (pp.173-197). Information Age Publishing: Connecticut, USA.
  12. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2002). Adolescent suicide: An ecological approach. Psychology in the Schools, 39, 4, 326-342.
  13. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2001). Childhood bereavement: What school psychologists need to know? School Psychology International, 23, 96-112.
  14. Abdo, Huda A. (2001). Teacher Incentives in the Middle East and North Africa Region: The Shortcomings. Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, v6, n1, p107-22.
  15. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2001).  Individualism & Collectivism: The Case of Lebanon. Social Behavior and Personality 29 (5), 503-518.
  16. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2000). Status of female teachers in Middle East & North Africa Region. Journal of In-Service Education, 26, 1.
  17. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (1998). College students’ attitudes towards intermarriage and conflict resolution. In Lessons Learned from Lebanon. Eds. George Irani & Lauri King-Irani. Lebanese American University, 35-49.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2016) Depressive and anxiety symptoms among children and adolescents in Lebanon: Factor analytic study. Guest Speaker, Roehampton University. July 17-21.
  2. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2015) Resiliency and Academic Achievement among Adolescents Lebanese Psychological Association.  October 8, 9.10, 2015
  3. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2013) Resilience among Lebanese Adolescents.  Link 
  4. Ayyash-Abdo, H. (2004). Reality and opportunity: School-based family counseling in Lebanon. In B. Gerrard, M. Sorano, & P. Greiger (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2004 Oxford Symposium in school based family counseling (pp.10-22) San Francisco: University of San Francisco.
  5. Does Positive Psychology Work in Lebanon and the Region? International Congress of Positive Psychology. A ninety minute Workshop at IPPA. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 17-21, 2009.
  6. The Advent of School-based Family Counseling in Lebanon.  Oxford Symposium on SBFC sponsored by University of San-Francisco. Barcelona, Spain, July 12-17, 2009.
  7. Social Justice Awareness for Training Counselors and Counseling Psychologists. International Congress of Psychology. Berlin, Germany. July, 2008.
  8. Political Violence: Implications to Counselor Education programs. Association for Counselor’s Education and Supervision, ACES, October 2007 Conference, Columbus, Ohio.
  9. Lebanon’s Return to the Brink: A personal account of day-to-day life in the current crisis in Lebanon.  Greensboro College, Triad World Affairs Council, October 2007.
  10. Participated in the Global Congress on Mental Health in New Delhi, India sponsored by NBCC-I October 2006.
  11. “Spanning the globe: Counselor education programs”, Invited as member of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and Association for Counselor’s Education and Supervision (ACES) to address counseling and training guidelines. Pittsburgh, PA. October, 2005. 

Academic Degrees  and Professional Development

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