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Professor Peggy Levitt Teaching Migration Studies at LAU

Posted February 1, 2017 in Social Sciences

The (interdisciplinary) MA Program in Migration Studies is embarking on a strategy to expose its students to international scholars of migration drawn from various disciplines with unique record of scholarly achievements in their field of specialty. This Spring semester, we were honored with the presence of Professor Peggy Levitt who offered an intensive course on “Migrating People, Migrating Culture” to a number of our graduates. At the completion of this course, the student were able to master the literature on transnational migration and global social protection and to understand the relationship between migrating people and migrating culture and methods for studying this.


Peggy’s methods of teaching included but was not restricted to giving lectures; student presentations, student led discussions, site visits, group projects, individual research papers. Students were extremely happy with the course and are looking forward to have Professor Levitt teaching them at a later stage in their graduate years of studying.  In what follows are class photos and photos of the field work that was conducted during the course in January 2017.   


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