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A New Publication by a Professor and his Student in Migration Studies

Posted March 5, 2017 in Social Sciences

Name of the book: Migration and Social Remittances in a Global Europe

Editors: Nowicka, Magdalena, Šerbedžija, Vojin (Eds.)

A comment by the co-author, the student Wahib Maalouf, on the experience of co-writing this chapter with his Professor, Paul Tabar:

In the middle of my course on “Politics and migration” with Prof. Paul Tabar, he suggested that we could collaborate together and develop my course paper into a chapter in a forthcoming book. I had chosen to write, upon his recommendation, a paper on “political remittances”, a concept initially developed by Dr. Tabar in one of his recent publications. I met his suggestion at first with a mix of both hesitation and enthusiasm: I was somewhat reluctant because it was a totally new experience for me, since I had never before written anything in English with the aim of publication; and I was excited because the prospect of being engaged in an academic publication (in English) was something I saw as truly rewarding, on both intellectual and professional levels.


Our collaboration took the form of discussions and brainstorming sessions: several ideas at first were discussed, as well as different approaches on how to address our topic. As our weekly discussions progressed, I began to sense that our ideas are getting more refined, and our chapter more structured and organized. The exchange we had with the publishers in Germany also prompted us to highlight certain aspects related to our topic. Moreover, it was an exchange that gave me a feel of the work of academic publishing houses.

In sum, co-writing a book chapter with Prof. Tabar was a true learning experience for me. The reason this collaboration took place in the first place was the presence of an active advisor who can discern potential in a student, and then help in guiding it towards fruition. I hope that in the future more students will be encouraged to embark on academic collaborations with their advisors. Such an endeavor will enable the student to get a feel of academic publishing, and maybe decide to pursue further graduate studies and become a scholar himself/herself in the future. After all, that is a foremost mission of academic institutions.

Publisher’s comment on the book:

This book explores migrant’s global social remittances and their impacts on Europe. Exploring the topic from a range of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, geography and political science, the authors present empirical analyses covering a wide selection of international contexts across Europe, India, Iraq, Bolivia, Congo, Lebanon and Thailand. The book presents migrants not as Europe’s ‘cultural others’ but as an integral part of Europe’s global connection, and scrutinises the flows of knowledge, ideas, money, objects and values which result from the process of migration, rather than the migrants themselves.

A valuable contribution to the literature on migrant transnationalism and globalization, this book will appeal to scholars across the social sciences.

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