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Two-year Study Plan

The following is the typical two year study plan of the courses included in the Minor in Food Science and Management program:

1.       Fall I:

Core Course (3 cr.)

NUT201: Fundamentals of Human Nutrition (3cr)

2.       Spring 1:

Core Course (3 cr.)

HOM250: Food Preparation I (3cr)

3.       Fall 2:

Core Course (3 cr.)

HOM203: Food and Beverage Concept Development (3cr)

4.       Spring 2:

Core Courses (5 cr.)

NUT335: Food Service and Safety Management (3cr)

NUT345: Industrial Food Production (2cr)

In addition to aforementioned core courses (14 cr.), the student must take 2 elective courses (6 cr.) from the following list:

1. Elective courses offered in fall:

MKT201: Introduction to Marketing (3cr)

MGT201: Introduction to Management (3cr)

NUT312: Food Chemistry (3cr)

2. Elective courses offered in spring:

MKT201: Introduction to Marketing (3cr)

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