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MS in Nutrition

Program Overview

The MS in Nutrition program will be launched in Fall 2018. The program will serve to carry out much needed studies on the determinants, incidence, prevention, and intervention of obesity and its related chronic diseases as well as food security, safety and quality in Lebanon and the region. Moreover, the proposed M.S. in Nutrition program will provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research in the context of existing collaborative projects with the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy as well as an established Inter-professional education (IPE) platform.

Admission Requirements


Students must complete a total number of 30 credits. These are broken down to 9 credits of required courses, 15 credits of elective courses and 6 credits for the MS Thesis.

I. Core Courses (9 credits)

Number Course Cr
NUT 702 Research Methods for Nutrition and Food Science 2
NUT 751 Advanced Nutrient Metabolism I 3
NUT 752 Advanced Nutrient Metabolism II 3
NUT 791 Graduate Seminar 1

II. Elective Courses (15 credits) 

Number Course Cr
NUT 701 Advanced Biostatistics 3
NUT 722 Drug & Nutrient Interactions 3
NUT 723 Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition 3
NUT 731 Inter. Nutr./Nutr. in Emerg. 3
NUT 741 Sports Nutrition 3
NUT 720 Advanced Nutrition Assessment 3
NUT 761 Nutritional Epidemiology 3
NUT 781 Sp.Tp.Nutrition & Food Science 3
NUT 712 Advanced Quality Systems 3
NUT 713 Food Product Development 3
NUT 714 Food Packaging 3

III. Thesis (6 credits) 

Number Course Cr
NUT 799  MS in Nutrition Thesis 6

More about the program

Mission, objectives and learning outcomes

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