The School of Arts & Sciences

Department of Natural Sciences

Mission, Objectives and Intended Outcomes

       Program objectives:

  1.  Produce competent graduates who demonstrate a general knowledge in business, franchise, food science, food safety and quality assurance systems;
  2.  Produce graduates who are able to incorporate evidence-based knowledge to formulate possible solutions to emerging food problems; 
  3.  Produce competent graduates with inter-professional competencies engaged in the improvement of human well-being by providing safe and wholesome food products.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize the knowledge underlying business, when it comes to food service industry;
  2. Discuss the interrelationships between food, business, nutrition and disease prevention;
  3. Identify reliable food, business and nutrition information;
  4. Implement the acquired knowledge and skills to establish food establishments and to develop food safety systems;
  5. Integrate scientific principles in the prevention of food spoilage and poisoning.

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