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Suggested three-year study plan

Suggested three-year study plan (New Program)

First year

Fall (16 credits)

BIO201General Biology I4
ENG—English Course (LAC)3
CHM201Chemical Principles (LAC)3
STA205Biostatistics (LAC)3

Spring (15 credits)

BIO202General Biology II4
ENG—English Course (LAC)3
CHM202Analytical Chemistry3
CHM204Quantitative Analysis2

Summer I and/or Summer II (7 credits)

CSC201Computer Application1

Second year

Fall (16 credits)

BIO322Genetics Lab1
CHM311Organic Chemistry I3
CHM313Organic Chemistry I LAB1
PHY301Classical Physics for Life Sciences3
PHY302Classical Physics for Life Sciences LAB1
BIO343Anatomy & Physiology/Bio Elective3
BIO344Anatomy & Physiology LAB/Bio Seminar1

Spring (16 credits)

BCH301Introduction to Biochemistry4
BIO312Microbiology Lab1
CHM312Organic Chemistry II3
CHM314Organic Chemistry II LAB1
PHY305Modern Physics for Life Sciences3
PHY306Modern Physics for Life Sciences LAB1

Third year

Fall (14 credits)

BIO345Cell & Molecular Biology4
BIO—Biology elective3
BIO499Senior Study-Biology3
ETH201Moral Reasoning1

Spring (12 credits)

BIO—Biology elective3
HLT201Basic Health1
PED2—Physical Education1


Suggested three-year Study plan (New Program)

Year 1

Fall (16 Cr)

Spring (15 Cr)

BIO201   General Biology I                          4Cr

BIO202   General Biology II                           4Cr

ENG—-    English Course (LAC)                      3Cr

ENG—-    English Course (LAC)                        3Cr

CHM201 Chemical Principles (LAC)           3Cr

CHM202 Analytical Chemistry                      3Cr

STA205   Biostatistics (LAC)                         3Cr

CHM204 Quantitative Analysis                    2Cr

LAC                                                                    3Cr

LAC                                                                      3Cr



Summer  Module I and/or II (7 Cr)

ENG/LAC                                                                          3Cr                                                           

LAC                                                                                   3Cr

CSC201 Computer Application                                   1Cr



Year 2

Fall (16 Cr)

Spring (16 Cr)

BIO321  Genetics                                              3Cr

BCH301 Introduction to Biochemistry            4Cr

BIO322  Genetics Lab                                      1Cr

BIO311  Microbiology                                        3Cr

CHM311 Organic Chemistry I                        3Cr

BIO312  Microbiology Lab                                1Cr

CHM313 Organic Chemistry I LAB                 1Cr

CHM312 Organic Chemistry II                          3Cr

PHY301 Classical Physics for Life Sciences3Cr

CHM314 Organic Chemistry II LAB                  1Cr

PHY302 Classical Phys. for Life Sci. LAB      1Cr

PHY305 Modern Physics for Life Sciences     3Cr

BIO343 Anatomy & Physiology/BIO Elective 3Cr

PHY306 Modern Phys. for Life Sci LAB             1Cr

BIO344 Anatomy & Physiology LAB/BIO Seminar 1Cr




Year 3

Fall (14 Cr)

Spring (12 Cr)

BIO345 Cell & Molecular Biology              4Cr

BIO—-   Biology elective                                   3Cr

BIO—-   Biology elective                                3Cr

BIO331 Ecology                                                4Cr

BIO499 Senior Study-Biology                      3Cr

LAC                                                                      3Cr

ETH201  Moral Reasoning                           1Cr

HLT201 Basic Health                                       1Cr

LAC                                                                    3Cr

PED2—   Physical Education                          1Cr


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