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Tarek Na'was

Dr. Tarek Na’was is an associate professor of biology/pharmacy. He previously served as dean of students in LAU Beirut (1998-2010).

He served as an assistant professor at the Yarmouk University (1983-1987) and then the Jordan University for Science and Technology (1987-1988), where he was promoted to associate professor and later appointed Chair of the Allied Health Sciences Department of the School of Medicine (1989-1991).

He underwent postdoctoral training in the Special Bacteriology Laboratory of the Centers for Disease control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 1985.

Dr. Na’was was granted the “Shouman Award” for Young Arab Scientists in the field of Basic Medical Sciences in 1993 and the Fulbright Research Grant in 1994.

He has several publications in recognized and reputable international journals and has contributed to many professional conferences, seminars and workshops.

Selected publications:

  1. Iskandar, S., Saif, A. and Nawas, T. (2018). Isolation of Potentially Pathogenic Bacteria from Public Service Cars Door Handles. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci. 7(12): 1154-1159. doi: Feghali PAR, Ibrahim R, Nawas T. (2018).
  2. Keyrouz, E., Abou Raji El Feghali, P., Jaafar, M. and Nawas, T. (2017). Malva neglecta: A natural inhibitor of bacterial growth and biofilm formation. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. 11 (24): 380-386 (2017).
  3. Dakroub, R. and Nawas, T. (2017). Vending machine buttons and touch screens. A surface colonized by pathogenic bacteria.  International Journal of Innovative and Applied Research. 5 (5): 82-88.
  4. Iyer, A., Barbour, E., Azhar, E., El Salabi, A., Hassan, H., Qadri, I., Chaudhary, A., Abuzenadah, A., Kumosani, T., Damanhouri, G., Alawi, M., Na’was, T. Abdel Nour, A. and Harakeh, S. (2013). Transposable elements in Escherichia coli antimicrobial resistance. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology. 4: 415-423.
  5. Essawi, T., Na’was, T., Hawwari, A., Wadi, S., Doudin, A., & Fattom, A. I. (1998). Molecular, antibiogram and serological typing of Staphylococcus aureus isolates recovered from Al‐Makased hospital in East Jerusalem. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 3(7), 576-583. DOI:
  6. Na’was, T., Hawwari, A., Hendrix, E., Hebden, J., Edelman, R., Martin, M. & Fattom, A. I. (1998). Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of nosocomial Staphylococcus aureus isolates from trauma patients. Journal of clinical microbiology, 36(2), 414-420.
  7. Alkaysi, H. N., Abdel-Hay, M. H., Salem, M. S., Gharaibeh, A. M., & Na’was, T. E. (1992). Chemical and microbiological investigations of metal ion interaction with norfloxacin. International journal of pharmaceutics, 87(1), 73-77. DOI:
  8. Na’was, T., & Mawajdeh, S. (1991). The role of day care givers in the identification and prevention of infections. Social Science & Medicine, 33(7), 859-862. DOI:
  9. El-Daher, N., Na’was, T., & Al-Qaderi, S. (1990). The effect of the pH of various dairy products on the survival and growth of Brucella melitensis. Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology, 84(5), 523-528.Na’was, T. E., Hollis, D. G., Moss, C. W., & Weaver, R. E. (1987). 
  10. Comparison of biochemical, morphologic, and chemical characteristics of Centers for Disease Control fermentative coryneform groups 1, 2, and A-4. Journal of clinical microbiology, 25(8), 1354-1358

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