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Jomana Elaridi

Dr. Elaridi received her BSc (Chemistry) at the American University of Beirut and completed her Honors degree in organic chemistry at Monash University (Australia) with High Distinction. Her PhD research investigated the application of homogeneous catalysis for the synthesis of peptidomimetics. This research led to the publication of a number of manuscripts in high impact peer-reviewed journals, the filing of three patents, oral and poster presentations at international conferences and lucrative collaboration with international commercial companies. She is also a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Dr. Elaridi possesses practical experience with NMR, IR, GC, LC, MS and LCMS as key analytical tools for the characterization of compounds. Her current research focuses on preparing synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring anti-cancer compound thymoquinone using novel metal-catalyzed routes.   

Selected publications

  1. Robinson, A. J.; Elaridi, J.; van Lierop, B. J.; Garland, R. D.;  Teoh, E.; Illensinghe, J.; Jackson, W. R. Regioselective formation of interlocked dicarba bridges in naturally occurring cyclic peptide toxins using olefin metathesis, Chemical Communications 2009, 28, 4293-4295. 
  2. Illesinghe, J.; Elaridi, J.; Guo, C. X.; Ahmed, A.; van Lierop, B. J.; Jackson, W. R.; Robinson, A. J. Metathesis-Assisted Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides, Chemical Communications 2009,3, 295-297.
  3. Elaridi, J.; Patel, J.; Jackson, W. R.; Robinson, A. J. Controlled Synthesis of (S,S)-Diaminosuberic Acid: A Potential Method for Regioselective Construction of Dicarba Analogues of Multi-Cystine Containing Peptides, Journal of Organic Chemistry 2006, 71, 7538-7545.
  4. Elaridi, J.; Patel, J.; Jackson, W. R.; Robinson, A. J. A One-Pot Tandem Metathesis-Hydrogenation Strategy for the Selective Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds, Chemical Communications 2005, 44, 5544-5545

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