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Ahmad Kabbani

Dr. Ahmad Kabbani is a professor of chemistry .His research interests include using NMR and X-ray diffraction to solve for structure in solution and solid state, preparation of bioactive coordination compounds, supramolecular chemistry, π- π stacking, preparation of metal nanoparticles from biological precursors, large scale grapheme synthesis, and Nanoself assembly in perylene derivatives.

Selected publications

  1. A.T.Kabbani, H. Hammud, A. Ghanoum. Chem.Pharm.Bull. (pharmaceutical society of Japan), paper will appear in Vol.55 No.5(2007).
  2. A.T.Kabbani, H. Hammud, A. Ghanoum, Bulletin of Electrochemistry 22,81-96 (2006).
  3. A.T.Kabbani, H. Ramadan, H. Hammud, A. Ghanoum and Y. Mneimenh, Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 4,339-344 (2005) .
  4. M. Zaworotoho, G.M. Manus, H.H. Hammud, A.T.Kabbani and M.S.Massoud, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center, CCDC-281077(2005).
  5. A.Kabbani and S.Doma , International Journal of Applied mathematics 18,165-177(2005).

Academic degrees

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