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Department of Natural Sciences

Physics Lab

The physics laboratory, located in Sage 305, has undergone complete renovation in year 2012.

The new physics lab which is designed to accommodate 20 students has computer stations, each with probes and sensors for automated data acquisition through interfaces for precise data collection and analysis.

The upgraded lab is now equipped with multimedia system that allows projection of computer monitor and video images on wall screens.

Our facility currently provides freshmen, pre-med, engineering, chemistry and biology students with lab courses covering topics in introductory physics, classical and modern physics, mechanics, and electricity and magnetism.

The lab houses sophisticated and up-to-date experimental setups including probeware accessories, photogate accessories, dynamic systems accessories, rotational system accessories, fluid dynamics setups, electrostatic systems, electronic circuits, power supplies, optics systems, spectral light sources, spectroscopes, fundamental constants setups, and many other equipment.

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