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Biology Lab

The Biology laboratories of the Beirut campus, consisting of 3 teaching labs and one research lab, are located on the First Floor of Sage Hall. These labs serve both undergraduate and graduate students and are well equipped with sophisticated and modern instrumentation supporting all disciplines of biology. These labs also serve the needs of the Nutrition Program.

The first Biology Teaching Lab (Sage 106)

This lab accommodates 20 undergraduate students per lab session mainly majoring in Biology and Pharmacy in addition to freshman students. The main equipment includes microscopes, balances, pH meters, Fridges, a rotary evaporator, centrifuges (high speed and refrigerated), incubators, shakers, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, an automated gel stainer/destainer , a hybridization oven, autoclaves, a fluorometer, an electroporator, Isoelectric Focusing, pulse-field gel electrophore­sis, different types of electrophoresis set­ups ( Horizontal and vertical) and a Dishwasher. This lab is also fully equipped with an audovisual system including video-micros­copy and LCD projector for continuous demonstration and experi­mental purposes. Annexed to the Biology lab is a storage facility and small room for preparing reagents.

The Second Biology Teaching Lab (Sage 109)

This lab accommodates 20 students per session and is mainly equipped for experiments carried out in Genetics and Cell & Molecular Biology labs in addition to Senior Study. It contains a Microtome, a Tissue Embedding System, a Refrigerated Centrifuge, a deep Freeze (-80 ˚ C), a Homogenizer, a Thermal Cycler, Western Blot apparatus and Electrophoresis setups in addition to a balance, a water bath and a pH meter. This lab is also partially used as a research lab, serving the research needs of biology faculty as well as senior and graduate students.

The Third Biology Teaching Lab (Sage 103)

This lab, which is the most recent addition to our biology labs, can also accommodate 20 students per session and is mainly equipped for experiments carried out in Genetics and Cell & Molecular Biology labs in addition to Senior Study. The main equipment includes microscopes, balances, pH-meters, Deep Freeze, Centrifuge, Water-bath, Analytical Balance, Scale for measuring height & weight used by Nutrition students & Blood Pressure monitor.

The Fluorescent Microscopy Lab (109a)

Annexed to the second teaching lab in Sage 109 is a small lab equipped with a state of the art Inverted Fluorescent Microscope.

The Research Lab and Cell Culture Facility (Sage 108)

This facility is primarily equipped to serve as a cell culture facility and is mainly used as a research facility by senior and graduate students as well as biology faculty. Despite its modest size, this facility is very well equipped and contains several state of the art pieces of equipment including, a Type IIA biological safety cabinet, 2 CO2 incubators, an Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer, an ELISA Plate Reader and washer, an Inverted microscope, an Imaging system, a liquid nitrogen storage tank and an autoclave, in addition to a mini-centrifuge, an analytical balance, a water bath and vortexes.

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